(İzmir, Turkey, 1955). He studied architecture at the Middle East Technical University. He exhibited his works in 1977 for the first time.
Besides his architectural works, he has 17 solo shows, 13 mixed exhibitions, 7 photo interview projects, 2 postcard projects and 9 published photography projects like “The Golden Horn 1993”, “Essays on the Bosphorus”, “2000”, “I Beyoglu”, “Bodrum Deep”, “Diaries”, “New Photographs”, “Best Wishes”, “Today is Today”
His video art projects include “Portraits of Turkey” (1998), “Europeans” (1999), “Midyat” (2000), “Inspiration” (2002), “Pervari” (2003), “I am Listening to Istanbul with My Eyes Closed” (2005) “Ice Cream, They Scream” (2009).
His work was selected by “Leica Camera”, together with 12 artists to be displayed in “Leica Diary 2002”.
Works for housing, architecture, and project development with “Plan Co. Inc.” and with “Plan Creative Ltd.” for design, photography and video projects.


1983 Ankara French Cultural Institute Mixed Exhibition

1985 Solo Exhibition Ankara Şark Art Gallery

1986 “Essays with two photographs” Exhibition Ankara Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery.
1986 “Essays with two photographs” Exhibition İzmir American Cultural Institute.

1987 “Essays with two photographs” Exhibition in Beyaz-Bodrum Art Gallery.

1990 “Memoirs from a space” Exhibition Ankara Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery

1991 Ankara Art Institute “Artist of the year Award”.
1991 Istanbul Advertising Companies Institute - Crystal Apple Award on fashion

1993 “The Golden Horn 1993” - A Photography Book on The Golden Horn.

1994 “Essays On Bosphorus” - A Photography Book about Bosphorus.

1995 “Hagia Sophia” - A weekly diary on Hagia Sophia Church

1996 “Secrets from the Ottomans” A portfolio of Ottoman Antiques.

1997 “Topkapı Palace” - A weekly diary about Topkapi Palace.

1998 “Bodrum” - A weekly diary about Bodrum Town - Agean Coast of Turkey.
1998 “Portraits” - An exhibition of black and white portraits of random people. (Life, is only with some other people) Urart Art Gallery Istanbul.
1998 "Portraits of Turkey" Video installation for the 75th Year of the Republic exhibition.
1998 “The Mind Travels” - A weekly diary of 67 photographs for the year 1999.

1999 "Europeans" A documentary video (65 min.) on the Turkish People and their attitude towards Europe (Darphane - Together with Bresson exhibition).
1999 “ROSE & SKIN” Photography Exhibition - (Death by earthquake) Ankara.
1999 "2000" A book of photographs of “ordinary images” for the new millennium.

2000 “ROSE & SKIN” Photography Exhibition - (Death by earthquake) İstanbul-Urart Gallery
2000 "EXISTENCE" Photography exhibition - Pamukbank Photography Gallery İstanbul
2000 "Postcards from Pera 2001" A postcard project of 126 postcards of Beyoglu in a box
2000 "Reality Overcomes Everything" mixed exhibition for the Human Rights Day

2001 One of the 12 Artists chosen world wide by "Leica" for the 2002 Leica Diary and exhibition in March 2002 in Leica Gallery in Solms, Germany

2002 "I Pera" A Book of Photographic Interviews about the Beyoglu (Pera) Location, the old city of İstanbul
2002 “Blue Sky” A photographic Exhibition about the Russian Prostitutes in Turkey for the celebration of “The Women’s Day” – March 2002 – “Platform”.
2002 “Password İstanbul” – West LB Bank Mixed Exhibition.
2002 “Siirt – Pervari” A video about the children in Siirt (East Anatolia).

2003 “Password Istanbul” – Mixed Exhibition in Diyarbakır.
2003 “Bodrum Deep” A book of interviews with the local people of Bodrum Town
2003 “Istanbul” Mixed Exhibition in Kopenhaag - “Runde – Taarn” Kopenhaag.

2004 “Springs” A photographic Exhibition of “Mind and Reality” discussing the relation of photography with the visual truth - “Galerist” - Istanbul

2006 “Diaries” A book project on the “ordinary daily life” of women in Istanbul.
2006 “Diaries” Exhibition in “Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery” Ankara.
2006 “Best Wishes” A Book project for the homeless kids in İstanbul.
2006 “European Reflections” Mixed exhibition in Kopenhag “Charlottenburg Museum”
2006 “New Photographs” – Exhibition in “Galerist” Beyoğlu.

2007 “School of Statues” – A photography project for the marble designers show in Antrepo-Istanbul
2007 “Traces” – Solo show in Lucca – Istanbul.
2007 “Artist’s Studios” – Mixed exhibition in SUMA - Istanbul.
2007 “Istanbul, Defining Views” a solo show in the Istanbul Office in Brussels

2008 “7 Hills, 7 Architects” a mixed exhibition in Torino during the 23rd World Congress of Architecture
2008 “I Play Dead” A personal project show parallel with the subjects in the photographs in “Istanbul Modern” Contemporary Art Museum
2008 “Captivated in Bakchesaray” a mixed exhibition in the State Historical and Cultural Preserve with Turkish, Greek, Russian and Ukranian Artists. Curated by Beral Madra
2008 “Artisterium ‘08” Tbilisi, Georgia “International Exhibition of Contemporary Art” in Georgian National Museum, sponsored by “American Embassy in Tbilisi” “Goethe Institut” “British Council” “Centre Cultural Français”
2008 “Tombak” Portraits for the Old Hand Crafts - Suav Gallery – Istanbul

2009 “25 Years” A mixed exhibition for the 25th anniversary of “Siyah Beyaz Gallery” Ankara
2009 “25 Years” A mixed exhibition for the 25th anniversary of “Siyah Beyaz Gallery” Istanbul Art8 Comtemporary Art Center
2009 “Short Distance” – Solo Show in Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery - Ankara
2009 Foto Europa - I am Listening to Istanbul with My Eyes Closed - video show - Reggio Emilia – Italy

2010 “Today is Today” – A photo interview project within the Istanbul 2010 Culture Capital of Europe cultural affairs, in French Cultural Institute – Istanbul
2010 “New Photographs # 2” Lucca
2010 “No Limits” Mixed Exhibition in Sanatorium
2010 “Seven” - Mixed Exhibition in Contemporary Art Market Gallery Istanbul

2011 “Valentines Day” – exhibition in Haaz - a series of pictures as a mockery to the shopping craze of the day
2011 “Confessions of Dangerous Minds” Contemporary Art from Turkey – Mixed Show with Phillips de Pury & Company at "Saatchi Gallery" – London
2011 "Summer Exhibition" Antrepo No:5 Karakoy Istanbul - Mixed Summer Art Fair
2011 Louisiana Museum – Copenhagen - Architectural Exhibition “LIVING” - the last in the series Frontiers of Architecture – Video project with TAMA
2011 "Art On" - Mixed exhibition

2012 London - Rivington Place Autograp APB- Roma-Sinti-Kale-Manush, a group exhibition examining the condition of Roma people in Europe and surrounding countries. The artists featured Cristiano Berti, Elisabeth Blanchet,Danica Dakic, Nigel Dickinson, Alfredo Jaar, Sitki Kosemen,Maria Papadimitriou, Alessandro Quaranta, William Roppand Santiago Sierra & Josef Koudelka and the experimental film by Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi.

2014 "RUPTURES & CONVERGENCES" - KUAD Gallery - Istanbul - Contemporary Art Exhibition on the Occasion of 600th Anniversary of Relations between Poland and Turkey May - June

2014 "INVISBLE" - SANATORIUM Art Gallery - Istanbul - A solo show of Photographs attempting to describe the intangible landscapes of one's own emotions, fears, dreams and desires - November 2014

2015 "FINE TUNED & MULTIPLE" - KUAD GALLERY - Exhibiting 55 affordable paintings, drawings, collage and photography of 24 artists, from 2nd of June to 1st of August 2015

2016 "Jewish Boys Highschool - Ortakoy - Istanbul" - Exhibition in Sanatorium Art Gallery - Istanbul - Photography project about Landscape & Identity

2017 - "Jewish Boys Highschool - Ortakoy - Istanbul" - Exhibition in Berlin Art Projects Gallery - Berlin - Germany - Photography project about Landscape & Identity

2017 - "New Photographs" - Exhibition in Kadir Has Gallery - Istanbul - Photographs about disappearing visions & values of the daily life in Istanbul